"When I first heard that these were sugarplums, I was a bit skeptical as I really had never tasted a confectionary sugarplum before and wasn't sure what it was. After tasting them, they grew on me and I've now gotten hooked! Benjamin Katz's Gourmet Sugarplums have a rich, gourmet, sweet-meaty flavor that come in all sorts of varieties, my favorite being the Walnut/Apple-Raisin or Traditional. These are probably the best gourmet sweets I've ever tasted."

Matthew Schieltz - Piqua, Ohio

"I've been eating Benjamin Katz Gourmet Sugarplums for several years now. They are nothing short of filled with flavor and nutritiously fantastic, a must have for anyone looking for an uncommon treat."

Kelly Barefoot - Owner of Custom Lures Unlimited - Raleigh, NC

"Just as the Phoenix rose out of the ashes, so Jason Savage is trying to revive the rightful place of the sugarplum among the truly delectable of candies. Every sugarplum is made with tender loving care and spices from the world over go into the making of these mouthwatering delicacies each with its own unique flavor. You don't know what you have missed until you taste the long lost art of the making of the sugarplum!"

Valli Louise Dennis-Schieltz - Piqua, Ohio

“I opened the tin, and all the sugarplums were intact like if I had just gone to the supermarket and bought them from the shelf. No one would believe they had just arrived from a trip across the Atlantic and 1 week of post office travel.

I was the first to taste them, I chose the pineapple flavor. I think you have a winning project my friend. I loved it! Everyone here loved it! Congratulations.”

Ricardo Garcês – Amadora, Portugal

"When you taste Benjamin Katz Gourmet Sugarplums, you are in for a special treat! Not only are they delicious, but they are also made of healthy, wholesome ingredients. It is hard to imagine something this good could also be good for you, but you can indulge in these sugarplums without guilt. They come in every flavor imaginable, and in a beautifully designed tin container. The perfect holiday gift for everyone on your list!"

Lena Hollmann - Lund, Sweden

"The sugarplums are fantastic! Before I realized it, I had eaten five different flavors. I was so impressed with the texture and colors. All I can say is wow! A tin would make a great Christmas gif."

Daniel Leonard – Charleston, SC

"My wife told me that you came by Wednesday afternoon and left a present. When I opened it, I told my wife we are in for a real treat - Jason's sugarplums. As usual, they are fantastic. You have really done a heck of a job in the way in which you have packaged this extraordinary treat. Thank you for such a unique and delightful gift, a real pleasure."

Dick Cobb - Raleigh, NC


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